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Growing your own food is nutritious, healthy and family fun.  Gardening is hard work. It's important to purchase quailty vegetable plants and seeds that give you the best possible yields for your efforts.  We offer an extensive variety of both quality vegetable plants and seeds for your outdoor, raised- bed or patio garden.


Oakway Farm & Garden Center, Inc. has everything you need.

OFG is, "everyone's feed store"

Oakway Farm & Garden Center, Inc. is dedicated to the agricultural community in Oconee County.  We serve you with the products and services you need to make your farm more productive.  Call today to book your fertilizer and/or lime and reserve an applicator.  Fertilizer now available in bulk bags and agricultural lime sold by the scoop.


OFG is, "Everyone's feed store"

Spring is Chick Season

With over ten different varieties, we offer the greatest selection of baby chicks in the county.  If we don't have what you want, we can order them for you. Our knowledgeable staff understands what is needed to have a healthy, happy, and productive flock.  We also manufacture our own non-medicated chick starter, laying mash, and broiler feeds.